NATS Institute is a social enterprise that has been established by Engineer Nebiyu Assefa in 2005 in the beautiful city of Hawassa, Ethiopia
Our Training Sessions follow our simple and proven 10 steps implementation method to master each skill that leads to successful practical application.

We teach our trainees:-

1.First basic taught, objectives and best practices in each topic.
    We Inspire, motivate, and show perspectives.
2. How to retain and be fascinated about topics through memorization, development of Imagination and Visualisation techniques.
3. How to develop a burning desire to apply the skills through development of their intuitive, reasoning and creative skills and apply laws of vibration and attraction to manifest their desire.
4. How to carry out their desires in practice and test them in real life. Decision making and Implementation techniques
5. How to get in to the habit of repeating the learned activities sufficiently as
to make them their own habit – Self Discipline

6. How to monitor and evaluate their activities and adjust and adapt them. Adaption
7. How to realise a paradigm shift – Assimilation
8. How to develop own products or trademark using the learned skillsets
9. How to share their products with others and sustain them through Social Marketing
10. How to receive and manage rewards and sharing them with others and preparing themselves for new inspiration and growth.